Ep 28: Must Have SCD Kitchen Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

Starting the Specific Carbohydrate Diet is one of the hardest things a mom with Crohn’s or colitis can do. The diet is so different from anything you’ve tried before and the kitchen can quickly become the place you spend all of your time.

In my almost 13 years on this diet, I’ve definitely taken great pleasure in hacking all the cooking and baking parts of the diet to make your kitchen life easier and more fun! Finding kitchen gadgets that simplify your SCD life is right up there with my favorite things to do (I’m SCD nerdy like that ; )

I can’t wait to share my latest SCD finds with you. Whether you’re an SCD beginner, SCD intermediate, or SCD pro, you are going to love these kitchen gadget finds that make your SCD life 10 times easier.  

We’re talking about:

  • Your best weapon kitchen gadget antidote for the hangries when you’re just getting started on the SCD
  • The most important SCD legal food you’ll want to make in your Instant Pot
  • Why almond flour never tasted so good with this kitchen gadget

And so much more!

After the episode, you’ll be running out to the store (or at least hoping on your computer) to buy these must have SCD lifesaving kitchen gadgets.

Episode at a Glance:

  • [02:24] Why you don’t need every SCD kitchen gadget the moment you start
  • [05:00] The gadgets you do need to get started on SCD when you are a beginner (plus a bonus splurge that will make your SCD life even better)
  • [09:41] The kitchen gadget antidote for the SCD hangries when you’re in the early stages of eating the SCD
  • [13:15] The beginning SCD stages splurge and health saver you’re going to want to get
  • [16:10] My top 3 SCD kitchen gadgets that are the perfect fit when you are in the intermediate stages of SCD
  • [21:01] The most important SCD food you’ll want to make in your instant pot
  • [23:15] When you become and SCD pro, there’s still these kitchen gadgets that can open your SCD world up to a whole new level
  • [27:50] The must have kitchen gadget that makes your SCD on-the-go life easy as pie (grain free pie of course ; )
  • [29:45] Almond flour never tasted so sweet (and this gadget is the reason)
  • [34:05] A free resource checklist to get all your SCD kitchen gadgets is yours at karynhaley.com/gadgets
  • [35:22] The best way to take your IBD healing journey to the next level.

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Episode Transcript:


INTRO: You are listening to The Cheeky Podcast for Moms with IBD, a safe space for moms with Crohn’s and colitis, connect, explore powerful tools for healing and transform our lives to thrive in motherhood and in life. I’m your host, Karyn Haley, IBD health coach, integrative wellness enthusiast, and mom to three outstanding kids. After having Crohn’s disease for 30 years and working as a health advocate exclusively with IBD clients for the last 10 years, I know it’s time to bring the types of candid conversations I have with my clients out into the open. It’s our time to go on an IBD healing journey and do it like only a mom can. Let’s do this.


[00:50] Hey dear one, hope I am finding you feeling happy today. I hope I can bring a smile to your face when I tell you that today, I’m feeling gratitude for you and for your lovely messages in support of the show that you keep sending my way. I’m so glad this podcast is bringing you some hope and inspiration. Thank you for listening and telling your fellow IBD mamas about the show. Let’s keep spreading hope to all the moms with IBD. There’s a lot of us in the world and we are stronger when we unite.

We’ve got a special SCD show coming your way today. You know the Specific Carbohydrate Diet is right up there with my favorite topics in the world to discuss, so let just dive in. Today, I’m going to make your existing experience on this diet or your move to starting the diet ten times easier.  The SCD is hard enough. Let’s not make it harder when we don’t have the right kitchen tools to help get us started and stay committed as we go.


So here’s the thing about the SCD. Even though there’s lots of people who will tell you need these 20 kitchen tools right away if your on SCD, the truth is some of them you need now, and some can wait a little while. That’s why I’ve designed this episode into three sections: must have beginner SCD kitchen gadgets (these are the ones you’ll definitely want before you get started), must have intermediate SCD kitchen gadgets (these are the ones you’ll need probably in a couple months’ time if all goes well), and must have advanced SCD kitchen gadgets you can wait for until well down the road when you are smooth sailing in SCD land.

I hope this list and breaking it up by where you’re at in SCD will give you less stress when you get started, save you from spending all your money at one time, and help you know what’s really important to purchase to make SCD work best for you.

One last note I want to mention. Every kitchen gadget on this list is also interchangeable with the GAPS diet. These kitchen tools are must have’s for either diet. And both of these diets have their strengths and both can be equally amazing when it comes to healing your Crohn’s or colitis.

We wont’ be delving into the in’s and out’s of what these diets entail on this episode so if you’re new to the world of SCD and GAPS and you’re wondering how they might be able to help you, you definitely want to check out episode 20 of The Cheeky Podcast. I’ll link to it in the show notes. It will give you everything you need to know when it comes to deciding which diet is best for you.

So, you know where to go to get more information on what the diets entail, how they can help your IBD, and where to find help on which one is best for you. And you’re set with the fact that although I’ll be mostly mentioned SCD in this episode, all of these gadgets work for GAPS too.

Fantastic, OK let’s dive in.

[05:00] So, you’re toying with the idea of getting started on the SCD diet or you know it’s imminent, you are starting ASAP. What do you need right away to get yourself started with less stress and more confidence?


Three Things.

There’s three kitchen gadgets that will make your early SCD life 10 times easier and then there’s one bonus splurge gadget to purchase if you can swing it.

OK #1, the number one kitchen gadget you’ve got to have when you’re just starting out the SCD is a yogurt maker. The crux of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, that crucial component that helps you balance your gut flora—the bacteria in your gut. Now listen, we can get into a huge debate about whether you should start with the yogurt right away, wait until some intestinal healing has taken place and whether you start with dairy or non-dairy yogurt. But unless you are going to skip the yogurt piece all together, you will need a yogurt maker and pretty quickly.

Over the course of my close to 13 years on the SCD, yogurt makers have come and gone, but right now, there’s no better yogurt maker than the Louvele. This is a great machine, dedicated to making SCD/GAPS yogurt. Go to their website, I’ll link to it in the show notes. Check out their yogurt making tutorials and buy the yogurt maker on their site. You won’t be sorry you did. And by the way, the Louvele yogurt maker makes dairy and non-dairy yogurt. Both have the probiotic properties you need to heal your IBD.

Moving on to your #2 must have kitchen gadget when you’re an SCD beginner. It’s large, glass mason jars. These are the best place to store your chicken stock, your premade snack foods, even leftovers can be stored in glass mason jars. These jars and seriously the best for broth. When I make my homemade stock, I always know to get out three large mason jars. That’s what it takes to store my stock. Then, I place these in the frig to use throughout the week. Easy to store, easy to find when I’m ready for some gut healing broth.


[09:41] In the beginning days of SCD, when you are hangry and going through carbohydrate withdrawal (yes, it’s a real thing), having snacks at the ready is a must. I love using mason jars for pureed carrots and other veggies, or apple and pear sauce. If you have a few of the smaller, medium sized mason jars, they are perfect for this, but if not, the larger ones will do as well. 

I remember my client Olivia telling me she was really struggling in the middle of the second week of the SCD. She was beyond the intro diet and moving into well-cooked fruits and veggies and Olivia was hangry all the time. In her pre-SCD days, she was a self-described carb-a-holic. Pasta, white bread, rice, mashed potatoes… those were all her meals of choice.  When Olivia started SCD, she essentially went cold turkey off these foods. That’s bound to create some carbohydrate withdrawal symptoms where you just feel hungry and jittery all the time. The antidote to the hangries is having food on hand at all times.

And as I told Olivia, you never want to have to hunt and peck for food. The temptation to stray becomes just too great. There’s just something about having snacks right in the frig, where you don’t even have to open the container to know what’s in it. Keeping your early days of SCD snacking food in clear glass containers is genius. It worked for me when I was going through it, it worked for Olivia when she was going through it, and it will work for you.

Glass mason jars, a beginner SCD must have.


OK, let’s finish up our SCD beginner must have kitchen gadgets list with kitchen gadget #3: your own dedicated kitchen pieces. The cutting board, pots, pans, utensils… all the places where cross contamination can occur. While it may not be practical to get all your own individual kitchen gadgets, I highly recommend you focus on the ones you can get. And that starts with the cutting board, where small particles of food can get stuck and negatively impact your health. Those little crumbs might seem like a small thing, but to a new SCDer, they can have huge negative results.

I remember when I started out on the SCD I didn’t have my own pots and pans. I quickly learned that I was so sensitive to the leftover remnants of food (even those you can’t see) on the pan and ended up buying a couple pieces dedicated just to me. It was the difference between feeling almost well and getting all the way to IBD remission.

The other place to watch for cross contamination when it comes to the SCD, by the way, is the nut butter jar (peanut butter, cashew butter, almond butter) and also the regular butter. These are places that often get contaminated with bread because the knife goes in the jar, onto the bread, and back into the jar again. Same with butter, whether its in a tube or a stick of butter. Do yourself a favor and buy your own. And if your kids are anything like mine, label whatever is yours so little hands don’t end up taking your SCD goodies.


Just one last thing before we move on from must have kitchen gadgets for beginners. There’s one last item that I consider a splurge, but still a very worthwhile purchase in the beginning stages of SCD. And that’s a high-quality juicer. Juicing can be hugely beneficial and healing for your digestive system, especially in the beginning stages when you really need to get your vitamins and minerals into the body to help lower your inflammation and boost your immune. But at this time, it’s also likely you can’t tolerate many of these nutrient dense foods in their natural whole state.

Juicing gives you the opportunity to put vegetables and fruits in a state you can easily digest and absorb. Those two words, digest and absorb, are music to your inflamed intestinal system. Listen, there’s so much I could tell you about juicing, it’s a big topic. But the good news is that we already tackled everything you need to know about juicing in episode 22: Juicing vs Smoothies: What’s Better for Gut Healing? Go check that out. It will give you everything you need to know about juicing as well as give you some options if you are ready to purchase a juicer to help you with your beginner SCD and healing needs.


Ok, 3 must have kitchen gadgets to begin SCD with a bonus thrown in so you have everything you need for early days on the diet. These kitchen supplies are most of what you need when you’re just getting started, but there are most definitely a few more items you’ll want to consider to make your SCD life quick and convenient. For all of those items, you’ll want to download My Best and Most Comprehensive Kitchen Equipment List for the SCD & GAPS Diets. It’s the most extensive list I’ve ever created for everything you need, no matter what stage you’re in. It’s for every stage of SCD in and it’s yours absolutely free when you click the link in the show notes or go to karynhaley.com/gadgets to grab your copy of this very valuable checklist.


[16:10] Ok, we covered some must have’s that you need to get started on SCD. Now, let’s move on to the intermediate phase, when you’re adding in more food like additional fruits and vegetables and nut milks.  These are the top three must have gadgets to get you through this period on your healing journey.

What’s #1 on your list? It’s a nut milk bag. Literally a bag that helps you make your own nut milk. Almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk… all of these milks are welcome on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Just not in the manner that you typically buy non-dairy milk at the grocery store. These seemingly “healthy” nut milks are full of additives, preservatives, and gut disruptors that will hinder your healing progress. Plus, and most importantly, making your own nut milk is so freakin’ simple you won’t believe it and it’s totally fun, especially for your kiddos. It’s like milking your own herd of nuts to get delicious tasting, gut healing milk.

You’re going to love it when you’re ready for this stage of the SCD because it opens your food world up to a larger playing field and it helps you enjoy more variety in what you put in your body. The nut milk bag is your gateway to get there.

Nut milk bags are available all over the internet. There’s a link to my favorite one in your SCD/GAPS kitchen equipment checklist so when you grab it I the show notes, check out the one I recommend.

If you’re thinking about trying nut milk for yourself, I’ll also link to my oldie but goodie instructional nut milk video in the show notes. I promise I’ll put a podcast together all about the latest in nut milk in the near future, but for now, there’s that good (but dated) video to get you started in the show notes.

Let’s move on to talk about your SCD kitchen gadget must have #2 in the intermediate stage and it’s a crockpot or an instant pot. When it comes to the crockpot or an instant pot, I’ve got 2 words for you—game changer. Both free up so much of your time spent in the kitchen. It’s truly a game changer.

Crockpots are fantastic. I’ve had mine for years. They slow cook soups, stews, your chicken stock that you’re eating or drinking a ton of on the diet at this point and they take the flavor factor of everything you make up a notch because they let everything marinate and simmer for hours. The beauty of the crockpot is that you can put all the food in in the morning and it’s ready for you by dinnertime. No extra work or labor intensive meal. Just done.


Now, in recent years, the instant pot has exploded all over the world. It’s just like a crockpot in it’s ability to create super rich, flavorful food that you don’t have to be chained to the kitchen to make. But the instant pot adds an additional benefit. Your food is cooked in an instant—well almost. I’ve made a complete, delicious meals for my family, SCD legal of course, in 30 minutes flat. Garlic Chicken, turkey tacos, lemon dill salmon, sweet and spicy chicken stew, pot roast… all in 30 minutes. It’s truly a wonder. But the most important thing I make in my instant pot is my chicken stock. It’s rich and full of gut healing gelatin and collagen without having to spend hours cooking it.  

You’re spending so much time in the kitchen making your own food on the SCD. I don’t know about you, but I’d buy any kitchen gadget that saved me time. The crockpot and the instant pot do just that. Do yourself a favor, SCD or not, and get one of these must have kitchen favorites.

And by the way, instant pots aren’t just for dinner. Many of my clients make their homemade fermented yogurt in the instant pot and swear by it. Just a thought.

OK, there’s one last must have kitchen gadget I want to share with you for when you’re in the intermediate stages of the SCD. Kitchen gadget #3 is a high-speed blender. Oh the power of a high speed blender. Soups, smoothies, sauces, salad dressings, nut butter, nut milk… I think I use my blender at least once a day, and that’s not counting the times my kids use it either. We are definitely a high-speed blending family.

I have a link to my favorite high-speed blender in your SCD/GAPS Kitchen Equipment Check List, but just know that it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to buy a high quality high-speed blender. There are several available on the market today. I also talk about my favorite blender brands in episode 22, the one where I compare juicing and smoothies so if you’re in the market to upgrade your old-fashioned blender, check it out. Either way, I’ll get you steered in the right direction.


Well, we’ve made it to our last category of must have SCD kitchen gadgets. These are the gadgets you’ll need when you get to more advanced stages on your gut healing journey. Isn’t it cool that you don’t need all of these gadgets at once? You can buy them a little at a time, when you’re ready for them.

[21:01] Now gadget #1 isn’t technically a gadget, it’s more of an accompaniment to your kitchen supplies. But it’s a must have for SCDer’s once you’ve started to incorporated nut flours into your diet. And nut flours are a beautiful thing. We always celebrate this moment when a client is able to tolerate nut flours.

Gadget #1 (not really a gadget technically) is baking cups. You know those paper cups you use when making muffins or cupcakes. Yep, baking cups. I know it’s a small purchase, but trust me, baking cups are vital. In your life prior to SCD, you probably were used to breaking out the baking spray (like Pam) and adding your baking batters directly to the muffin pan. This is just not going to work when it comes to nut flours. First of all, they’ll stick and you’ll be lucky to get any of your baked good out of the pan. And secondly, Pam type sprays are not allowed on the SCD due to their gut disrupting ingredient like soy lecithin and dimethyl silicone. Do yourself a favor and stock up on baking cups when you’re ready for nut flours. And, actually, they’re more versatile than you think. I’ve used them for egg-straordinary breakfasts and meatball creations for dinner. Baking cups are a must have addition to your SCD kitchen gadget supplies.


Along the same lines as baking cups, when it comes to SCD baking, you’ll want to purchase for advanced SCD mode is kitchen gadget #2- a silpat mat or parchment paper. Just like muffins will stick to your cupcake pan, everything else you bake with nut flour will too. Cookies, pizza, bread, biscuits… you get the picture… all of these delicious foodie items will stick to your sheet pan, pizza stone, loaf pan, or 9 X 13 pan. You’ll need some sort of nonstick surface and toxic baking spray isn’t the answer.

A silpat mat is a more permanent and environmentally friendly option. You can reuse this kitchen gadget over and over. Parchment paper on the other hand is also non-stick, but it will need to be recycled after using. In my kitchen, I use both. When I’m using a sheet pan, the silpat mat is the perfect choice. For breads I make in a loaf pan, the parchment paper does the trick every time.


[27:50] Alright, let’s talk about one last advanced stage must have SCD kitchen gadget. Gadget #3 in the advanced category is something called a hot logic mini. Words can’t describe just how much I love and appreciate this invention. It’s another SCD game changer.

By the time you’ve moved into advanced SCD stages, you’re gaining more confidence in your eating away from home. You’re taking your food on the go and this is where the hot logic mini comes into play. This must have kitchen gadget is a portable food carrier and heater for all your SCD on-the-go food. Before Covid, I used my hot logic mini practically every day. It allowed me to take my food wherever I went. It kept it cold and fresh, and then at lunchtime I could heat it up as long as I had access to an outlet.

I’d also take it on every road trip we took as a family.  I’d plug it in to our car’s outlet and my food would keep warm and be ready for me wherever and whenever I was ready. Think of it like a small portable crockpot on the warm setting. It keeps your food warm for as long as you need it to, but never burns it because it’s at a warmer setting, never high heat. I haven’t used my hot logic mini in ages because I’ve been so close to home during the pandemic. I can’t wait until I get to use it again. We are getting there. I feel it! The hot logic mini. It’s like having your own portable oven with you everywhere you go. Fantastic for SCDer’s.


I’ve got to leave you with one more bonus kitchen gadget. Not a necessity, but a splurge that will make your nut flour eating SCD life that much sweeter. And that last bonus item is a toaster oven. If there’s one thing I know about almond and coconut flour goodies, it’s that they always taste better when their warm.

The toaster oven allows you to warm everything directly from the freezer without heating up an entire oven. My family has gotten so into the toaster oven (for everything) that I don’t think we ever use the microwave anymore. And to that, I say good riddance to that kitchen gadget happily.


[30:54] So there you have it, my complete list, every must have SCD kitchen gadget you’ve got to have to make sure you have the best and easiest SCD journey possible. Let’s recap that list one more time.

In the category of SCD beginner must have kitchen gadgets we’ve got:

  • A yogurt maker (will need that very soon)
  • Large glass mason jars (great for chicken stock and all your snacky goodies)
  • Your own kitchen pieces (cutting board, possibly pots, pans, cooking utensils…)
  • Bonus: a juicer (no better way to make sure you digest and absorb your nutrients)

In the category of SCD intermediate must have kitchen gadgets, we’ve got:

  • The nut milk bag (don’t want to be buying grocery store nut milk)
  • The crockpot or instant pot (perfect for making your cooking life easier)
  • A high-speed blender (for soups, sauces, and everything in between)

In the category of SCD advanced must have kitchen gadgets, we’ve got:

  • Baking cups (for non-stick nut flour goodness)
  • A silpat mat or parchment paper (both if you bake a variety of things)
  • The hot logic mini (game changer for SCD on the go)
  • Bonus: a toaster oven (because it’s makes nut flour taste delish)


I know you can do it. Don’t be deterred. The SCD is possible and having some extra help from some SCD lovin’ kitchen gadgets is the key.  

Remember there’s nothing I like talking about more than the Specific Carbohydrate Diet so hit me up with your Q’s about kitchen gadgets or other SCD topics anytime. That’s what I’m here for.

Don’t forget to grab your copy of My Best and Most Comprehensive Kitchen Equipment Check List for the SCD & GAPS Diets. It’s got all of the kitchen gadgets I mentioned today, plus tons more to make your SCD or GAPS life as easy a pie (grain free pie that is). Just head to the show notes and click the link to download the checklist or head over to karynhaley.com/gadgets. Either way, I’ve got you covered.

Until the next episode, I’m wishing you a cheeky and healthy IBD healing journey.

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