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Crohn’s and colitis is a struggle:

• Gut Pain ​• Bloating ​• Gas​ • Constipation​ • Diarrhea ​• Acid Reflux​ • Heartburn

And that’s all bad enough. But often times, IBD leads to other challenges:

• Gallbladder Attacks ​• Celiac ​• Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity ​• Leaky Gut ​• Decreased Appetite ​• Fatigue​ • Lack of Concentration ​• Brain Fog ​
• Poor Memory ​• Insomnia ​• Thyroid Disease ​• Acne ​• Psoriasis ​• Rashes
​• Eczema ​• Other Autoimmune Diseases ​​• Rheumatoid Arthritis
​• Headaches ​• Joint Pain ​• Weight Loss or Weight Gain

When was the last time your health provider took a holistic approach and connected all these dots for you?

Crohn’s and colitis goes deep.  It impacts many parts of our body and affects our EMOTIONS, our LIFESTYLE and our SPIRIT.

My Approach

A DEEP DIVE – No one goes from Gut Junk to Gut Love without truly looking deep within. What we are doing here is TRANSFORMATIONAL work. What you eat is ultra-important (and we’ll spend a lot of time on that), but true growth and healing comes when we look at all parts of ourselves. That’s where the change that lasts a lifetime comes in.

SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGEMENT – Who better to support you on your journey from Gut Junk to Gut Love than a mom who’s been through it too? We understand each other because we’ve been in a similar place. Sure, the educational degrees gave me validity, but I couldn’t be doing the work I’m doing without the passion, drive and a mission to help those with Gut Junk quiet their symptoms naturally. And that came directly from my own 30-year journey with Crohn’s Disease.

GUIDED MENTORSHIP – I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV.  I’m also not a healer on high, bestowing my wisdom down to you. I’m your mentor, coach and #1 cheerleader on your journey. We are equal partners working together to make your life better. The truth is, most of the work on this journey will be done by you. And I’m the guide you always wished you had to walk this journey with you.

ACCOUNTABILITY – Along the way, it might not always be pretty. There are bound to be bumps in the road. But it’s those bumps that will teach you your greatest lessons and keep you moving on your path to healing. I’ll be by your side with loving accountability to help you keep striving to reach your health goals.

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You deserve gut health and happiness!

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