Now You Can Take Control of Your IBD -- Even If You’ve Tried Everything and Feel Hopeless and Confused About What to do Next

I’ll show you step-by-step, how to STOP the symptoms of Crohn’s and Colitis - especially if you feel like you can’t make it one more day.  You are not alone… read on to find out how I can help you on your gut healing journey.

If you’re anything like most of the clients I see with IBD, you’re struggling with gut challenges that make you feel out of control, overwhelmed and hopeless.

It’s that invisible illness we’ve got. 

To the outside world, everything appears OK. But inside, there’s a raging sickness that’s so powerful, you feel like you can’t take it for one more day. Intense gut pain, multiple trips to the bathroom, mind numbing fatigue, and trouble keeping your weight stable. 

Your invisible illness impacts not only your kids and spouse, but your work life, your ability to hang out with your gal pals, and everything else you deserve to enjoy in life.

That’s where I come in. I’m Karyn Haley, Crohn’s warrior and IBD Health Coach for Moms. I work with gut struggling mamas who are ready to turn their gut struggles into gut love. Read on and I’ll show you exactly what to do (and what not to do) to FINALLY quiet your Crohn’s and colitis symptoms for good.

The first step is understanding what you’re up against.

Here Are Four Common Strategies That Never Work, But are Usually Recommended by Well-Meaning Health Experts:



You’ve tried traditional IBD medicines prescribed by your well-meaning doctor. You’ve experienced toxic side effects and you’ve been told, “The benefit outways the risk.” And when these medications fail to work, the dosage gets increased or you get moved to stronger, more powerful drugs.


Let’s take steroids like prednisone.  Steroids have become a first line drug when IBD flares occur. Your symptoms might be masked for a while, but the side effects keep mounting.


According to PubMed Health, prednisone is not only unsafe to take during pregnancy, but it also has a host of awful side effects like mood and behavior changes, depression, round “mooning” of the face, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, and even trouble seeing. (1)

One of my clients, Amanda, came to me after her 3rd round of prednisone, each time dealing with raging fits of anger, irritability and depression.  For her and her family, this was more than they could take. Amanda felt like she was losing her mind, like her family didn’t even know the real her anymore. Things had gotten so bad, Amanda told me suicidal thoughts had crept up in the back of her mind. She knew this wasn’t her. Those side effects just weren’t worth the benefit she was getting while taking them. 

But if you’ve been part of the IBD community for a while, you’ve probably heard other women’s heartbreaking stories about the steroid rage, extreme mood swings, and even suicidal tendencies that creep up on these types of steroidal doses. It’s not unusual to hear moms say, “It’s not me, it’s the steroids!” 


When steroid side effects become too much to handle or they stop working, we turn to even more toxic drugs like immunosuppressive 6MP, Imuran or Stelara and Biologics like Humira, Entyvio, or Remicade. Again, we cover up the symptoms of our Crohn’s and colitis instead of seeking a true and lasting, root cause solution.


If you’ve been dealt the immunosuppressive or Biologic blow, you might have experienced side effects like:

  • Heachaches
  • Upper respiratory infections
  • Yeast infections and UTI’s       
  • A decrease in your number of blood cells
  • Inflammation of your liver or pancreas 
  • Fevers and nausea
  • Intense fatigue
  • Tuberculosis
  • Risk for lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic system)

(2) (3) (4)


With the toxic medicine route, the root cause solution is still the missing puzzle piece.   While I often support clients who take these kinds of medicines in the short term while getting to the root cause of their IBD, they will never give you the long term fix you’re seeking and they may even give you some nasty side effects that are with you for the rest of your life.


OTC Anti-Inflammatories

If you’re like most people I work with, you’ve tried your luck at over-the-counter NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like aspirin and ibuprofen to help control your IBD symptoms. It’s no wonder you try these as a first line of defense. You’ve been told they’re super safe because they reduce inflammation and help control your pain, all in nice neat over-the-counter “so they must be safe” package.


The truth is that while you may feel immediate relief in the moment, these so-called anti-inflammatory pain relievers are actually wreaking havoc on your already injured gut lining and creating many more problems than they solve.


Excessive use of NSAIDS have been shown to cause “leaky gut,” a condition where the gut lining opens like a drawbridge to allow bacteria, toxins and large food particles to leak into your bloodstream. Leaky gut leaves you vulnerable to INCREASED inflammation and other autoimmune diseases. Furthermore, when you cover up the inflammation causing our IBD, you never get to the root cause of your illness so lifelong healing never happens.


The Doctor Prescribed IBD Diet

You’re told that food has nothing to do with your illness. Eat what you want as long as it doesn't bother you. 

Eat what doesn't bother me? Everything I eat bothers me!

Let me ask you a question-- how is it possible that an illness that affects your digestive tract, doesn't feel the impact of the food we eat?

It just doesn't make any sense.

Doctors specialize in meditation and symptom management, not nutrition.

Don't get me wrong, medications are great when we need them and doctors and hospitals have saved me a time or two. But most medical doctors have very little nutritional training so they may not be the best person to tell us what we should and should not be eating to help our Crohn's and colitis. 

The truth is, there are foods that can make your IBD worse. These foods that have the power to negatively impact the bacterial balance in your gut, and in the long run, that means more IBD flares, more digestive woes, and less time spent remission.

At the same time, there are foods that have the power to make your IBD better. Finding out what these foods are for your individual symptoms is the key to long term remission.


Miracle "Cures" From Internet Gurus 

Don’t feel bad if you’ve been suckered into any of the supposed miracle "Cure your IBD" gimmicks. The internet is full of empty promises and scams.

Cleanses, detoxes, nutritional shakes, super supplement packs, and the craziest one I’ve encountered-- the cabbage soup diet! These fly-by-night miracles leave you feeling hopeful for a moment, but as soon as you delve a little deeper, you discover another “cure” that doesn't work.

Here's the honest truth that no one is telling you.

Healing your Crohn's or colitis takes hard work and commitment. It takes time to get to the root cause of what's keeping you from quieting your symptoms. It's not for the faint of heart. And it's not found in a single pill or miracle cure.


Nope, none of these hyped up strategies ever work in the long run. They may even cause toxic side effects, and symptoms worse than what you're already dealing with. Don’t worry if you’ve gotten yourself hooked on these NEVER WORK strategies. I’ve been prey as well, and it's hard to find a way out.


It’s not your fault. 


We are all sent down this path of craziness at one time or another. But your IBD story doesn’t have to end here. You don’t have to live in pain for the rest of your life. There is hope.

Let’s talk about strategies that actually work.

Here’s 3 things you can do to help your IBD right away:


Digestive Enzymes:

A supplement Worth Taking

When you’re in flare mode, you need relief fast. Digestive Enzymes are a great way to jump start your gut healing journey because they don’t take weeks to reduce your symptoms.  In fact, you can feel the benefit of enzymes after just one meal. Digestive Enzymes will help break down the food you’re eating to make it easier to digest.  Easier digestion = less pain, bloating and gas after you eat.


Can I get an amen?


I’ve seen the best results with clients when they take 2 with meals and 1 with snacks.  This is a great dose for most, but may be a little much for those with gastritis. If you take it this way and experience any burning in your stomach, just back it up and start with half the dose. Work your way up slowly until you reach the regular dose.

Enzymes should be taken at the start of your meal (with your first bite of food) to aid in breaking down protein, carbs and fat in your food. Broken down food means easier digestion and a happier belly! There’s many good brands on the market today. My top recommended brands are Klaire Labs Vital-Zymes Complete, GI Pro Health ProZymes (SCD Legal) and Integrative Therapeutics Similase. These are available at online supplement sites and Amazon.


✅ Bone Broth: Nature's Best Healer

Grandma was right. Chicken soup is a great healer for everything that ails you, including your gut. Today, we’ve modernized grandma’s ‘ol fashioned chicken soup into “bone broth,” but the sentiment (and the ingredients) remain the same. Bone broth is full of compounds like collagen and gelatin. This gut loving goodness is great for restoring your gut lining and boosting your immune system—2 huge steps when your goal is lifelong gut health.


When I think of the power of bone broth, I think of my client, Katherine. She was dealing with a mega colitis flare and needed help fast. She was a little skeptical when I mentioned bone broth.  She remembered busting out a can of chicken soup when she had a cold, but didn’t think it was powerful enough to jump start healing the inflammation in her gut. Thankfully, Katherine trusted me enough to go for it. But in the back of her mind, I knew she was ready to prove me wrong.


Two weeks later, Katherine was bursting to tell me her news. 


After drinking 24 oz of high quality bone broth everyday (3 cups/3 times a day), she had less bloating, less gut pain and less bowel movements. She told me she couldn’t believe how good she felt and decided to commit to bone broth on her gut healing journey.


✅ Get To The Root Cause:

Heal From The Inside Out

I know it’s frustrating that scientists haven’t been able to pinpoint an exact cause for Crohn’s and colitis yet. The truth is, it might be years before everyone agrees on one true cause. I’m hopeful that it will be in our lifetime, but until that time, there’s still good news for you. The good news is that we know that IBD is an autoimmune condition.


Knowing this simple fact is more helpful than you might imagine because it means that it’s possible to break the cycle of western medicine with steroids, NSAIDS, Biologics and other treatments that continue the Band-Aid “cure”.  With autoimmune conditions like Crohn’s and colitis, we can uncover the root cause and find your sweet spot for symptom relief. We can find balance and calm your gut, and best of all, we can live the best mom life we deserve.


Over the years in my health coaching practice, I’ve seen that most clients have not just one root cause to IBD, but multiple root causes that lead to Crohn’s and colitis.  It’s not unusual to see 3-5 root causes at play.


Here’s the most common 9 root causes I commonly see:

  • Leaky Gut
  • Gut Dysbiosis
  • GI Infections
  • High Sugar/Carbohydrate Diet
  • Vitamin/Mineral Deficiency
  • Hidden Food Allergies or Sensitivities
  • Toxins
  • Stress
  • Hormone Imbalance

When we figure out the 3-5 root causes for your IBD, we can create your own personal IBD healing plan. We’re talking life-changing, “I feel like the mom I always knew I could be” kind of healing.


So tell me, are you the kind of IBD mama who wants to dig deeper and take these gut healing tips to the next level? You’re my kinda gal!


Let’s get started.

The first step is to book your FREE 30-minute IBD Root Cause Troubleshooting Session with me and we’ll start planning your IBD healing journey together.

During our consultation, we’ll do an in-depth review of your health history, we’ll talk about your goals and dreams for your healthy future, and we’ll discuss how we can work together to make those dreams your reality.

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, and you’re ready to leave the Band-Aid approach behind, stick with me because I’ve got the root cause approach you’ve been waiting for.

Before you book your Free IBD Root Cause Troubleshooting Session with me, I’ve gotta make one thing absolutely clear.  I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV. I’m not here to perform tests and write prescriptions.  Keep the doc you’ve already got for that.  They do come in handy when we need them.

Instead, I’m something just as powerful and sometimes better. 

I’m an IBD Health Coach for Moms and it’s my job to be your partner, your accountability buddy, your # 1 supporter, cheerleader, motivational mama and IBD thought leader.

I’m just like you, only a few steps ahead. I know where you’re at because I’ve been there too. 

That’s something most of your doctors can’t say!

I’m here to give you wisdom and support from a mama who’s been there before, has researched IBD out the wazoo and unlike your typical western doctor, I’ll give you the time and attention you deserve to get to the bottom (pun intended) of your symptoms to quiet your IBD for good.

I can’t wait to meet you, mama!

Until we chat in our troubleshooting session, I’m wishing you much gut love and happiness,

~ Karyn

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I'm Karyn

Karyn is The IBD Health Coach for Moms. She created her Gut Love Coaching Programs like The Mom’s Guide to Gluten FreedomSCD Support School, and 1 on 1 specialized coaching for moms to help women struggling to balance motherhood with  digestive healing.

Karyn has a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling with a Specialization in Medical Family Therapy, and received her Holistic Health Counselor training from the prestigious Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City.

Karyn is also a  mom to three amazing boys and it was with their well-being in mind, back in 2008, that she took steps to alter her IBD treatment forever. Instead of always relying on toxic medications that never worked for her,  Karyn chose the unconventional path to put Crohn’s Disease into remission with food, lifestyle and mindset. 

Today, Karyn helps moms find a path to healing that matches their symptoms and their lifestyle so they can thrive in motherhood and in life. When she’s not sharing her passion with Gut Lovin’ moms, Karyn spends her time as a soccer mom to her boys and loves traveling the globe with her head-shrinking hubby, Bill.

Real Success Stories

“Karyn, I left for my trip this morning and I wanted to tell you THANK YOU!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for inspiring me to make the journey the best it could be. I was prepared with lots of snacks so that I wouldn’t feel the need to make a bad choice!  At an airport restaurant, I even asked for the ingredient list and was sure to avoid high fructose corn syrup and other nasties. Thank you for giving me the tools and the understanding to make these wise choices and to always ask the question even if it might take that extra moment! I haven’t felt this good and clear minded in a long time and I’m going to keep it that way! I never thought I could do this because I was questioning my ability to be self-controlled enough to say no to all the temptations around me! But I did it!!! I am so happy and joyful. This is the life worth living!!! Thank you Karyn for all your time and investment in sharing your journey. It’s having a huge impact.”


Mount Airy, MD

"I wasn’t getting mother of the year anytime soon. Your program came along at the perfect time, Karyn. I was feeling so sad and guilty all the time. Crohn’s had taken over my life. My kids needed me, but I couldn’t be there to take them to school or to dance rehearsals because I was always at the doctor or too sick to leave the house. You opened up possibilities and then you were patient while I figured out the right path for me. I now know how to read food labels and shop for healthy food. And my kids actually eat it too! Imagine that? THANK YOU KARYN!!! I wouldn’t be in this healthy place without you.”


Rochester, NY

"I went to see my new gastroenterologist after enduring a horrible surgery to remove part of my intestine. I was at a low point. I felt horrible and all I saw for my future was more medication and more surgery. I don’t know what I was expecting from this new doctor, but it wasn’t a recommendation to go see Karyn, The IBD Health Coach. I didn’t even know what a Health Coach was. My doc told me that she refers patients to Karyn when she thinks food and supplements will help. Sorry Karyn, you know I’ve told you this, but I was skeptical. I knew I had nothing to lose so I booked an appointment. After 1 hour with Karyn, I knew I was in the right place. She listened to me, she got me, she had so many ideas and her energy was contagious! Karyn’s commitment to me being my best self was awesome. I’m now 6 months out and still feeling amazing. I can’t believe it!  I can’t thank my doctor enough for introducing us. Karyn is now my go to resource whenever I have an IBD question."


Cincinatti, OH