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The Crohn’s/Colitis Vitamin D Connection: The What, Why and How of This Gut Healthy Vitamin

Why should Vitamin D matter to you, dear mom friend?

Sure, Vitamin D is the “it” vitamin these days.  Many practitioners are talking about the link between vitamin D and pretty much everything from colds to cancer.

But besides the general health benefits of Vitamin D, why do we—moms with Crohn’s and colitis—need to sit up and take close notice of this powerful vitamin?

Well, it turns out that “everything from colds to cancer” includes a HUGE effect on our Crohn’s and colitis.

If you’ve been around our free and fabulous Gut Love Community for a while, you know I love to bury my nose in research to sift through the goodness and the crap (and there are a lot of crappy studies out there paid for by big pharma and special interest groups) to come out the other side with solid, real, unbiased facts.

Because of this love affair our medical community is having with Vitamin D, I decided it was time to dig into the research to find out for myself if there’s a connection between our illness and our D levels.

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In Sickness and Health: The Impact of Crohn’s and Colitis on Our Kids

Have you ever wondered how your kid’s life might be different if you didn’t have a chronic illness?

  • Would they be better adjusted?
  • Would they be happier?
  • Would their life be easier?

I wonder these same things all the time, but the truth is, an unaffected childhood isn’t my kids lot in life and it isn’t your kids either.

I’d venture to say that if your child had a choice, they wouldn’t have raised their hand to say, “Yes, please, please, can my mom have an incurable chronic illness?”  What kid would?

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