​Meet Kar​yn

​Frustration. Confusion. Pain. Suffering.​ Hoping for a way out. 

​For 20 years, that was my life with Crohn’s. So I get it. ​I get where you are right now.

I get how utterly consuming gut challenges can be. Especially when you’re a mom and all you want to do is enjoy motherhood—enjoy your kids and everything else life has to offer. You deserve it and I’m going to get you there!

Hello, beautiful mom friend.

I’m Karyn, mom to three, Crohn’s Conqueror and Gut Lover since 2008. I’m so thrilled you found our Gut Love Community! My working (stuffy) title is Holistic Health Counselor with a bunch of initials after my name, but I prefer to go by:

The Digestive Coach for Moms

Why? It’s simple, to the point, and it’s what I do in a Gutshell (see what I did there?) You and I have probably gone through many of the same things on our journey with gut struggles.

  • ​Missteps trying to get an accurate diagnosis
  • ​Awful side effects from steroids and other medications
  • ​Multiple trips to the bathroom everyday
  • ​Food sensitivities
  • ​You may have even suffered through multiple surgeries, had part of your intestines removed or struggled with infertility.

Been there, done that.

Way back in the dark ages of 1991, I was diagnosed with an incurable, chronic, gastrointestinal illness called Crohn’s Disease. After three years of suffering and going from doctor to doctor, I finally had a diagnosis. I finally had a name for what I was going through. I thought the worst was over. I thought that because I had a name for my symptoms of abdominal pain, diarrhea, gas, bloating, rectal bleeding, mouth ulcers, fatigue and fevers that I was out of the woods. I thought there would be a magic pill and all would be right with my life again.

Boy, was I wrong. Little did I know that it would take me 20 years to regain health again. Twenty years to find my balance. Twenty years until I could learn enough about quiet my own symptoms naturally and begin to help others on their own gut healing journey.

If you’ve felt the frustration of finding a diagnosis, endured countless toxic drugs, felt the overwhelm that comes with figuring out what to eat, put your kids before your own health, got that fed up/stressed out feeling when you’ve had enough (and so many other fun things that come with digestive troubles), you’ll definitely find value in this:

My Uncensored Gut Junk to Gut Love Story​

It took doctors giving up on me (literally) to finally deal with my Crohn’s Disease. By truly understanding how the food I was eating was affecting my body, I became the captain of my own ship, the navigator of my destiny.

Sounds cheesy, right? Yep, it’s cheesy, but no less true.

​Life is on my terms now and that is what I want for you! In the Gut Love Community, we take BIG leaps to transform your life.

Dealing with Crohn’s and colitis head on—really getting to the root cause of the problem—isn’t for the unmotivated or faint of heart. It’s tough work, but the results? Amazing, uninhibited, can’t believe this is my life bliss!

Is this amazing bliss for you?

The best way to start is by scheduling a FREE Gut Love Clarity Session with me. We’ll talk about what’s stopping you from being the mom you know you deserve to be, and develop a plan for how we can work together to transform your life.

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Still want to think it over? I get it. I’m a little slow with my trigger finger too.

Here’s ​My Official Bio:

Karyn is The Digestive Coach for Moms. She is the creator of The Mom’s Guide to Gluten Freedom e-Course, the Gut Love Online Community, and is a Personal Coach to moms everywhere that struggle with balancing motherhood and digestive disorders.

Karyn has a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in Medical Family Therapy, and received her Holistic Health Counselor training from the prestigious Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City.

Karyn is a mom to three boys and she conquered her own gut challenges in 2008 when she chose the unconventional path to heal from Crohn’s Disease with food, lifestyle and mindset. Today, Karyn helps moms on their own journey from Gut Junk to Gut Love. When she’s not sharing her passion with Gut Lovin’ moms, Karyn spends her time as a soccer mom to her boys and loves traveling the globe with her head-shrinking hubby, Bill (not literally, he’s a psychologist).

You can spend more time with Karyn on You TubeFacebook, Instagram and get access to Karyn’s FREE Cheat Sheet:
7 Tips to Move Beyond Medicine and Start Healing Your Gut Naturally.

Enough of the “official” stuff…

How about some RANDOM FACTS so you can get to know the REAL me:

  • ​I’m constantly dancing in my kitchen as I cook—usually to 80’s music, but I have also been known to rock out to gospel, big band, pop and classic rock.
  • ​I have a killer teapot collection with teapots from all over the world – and a British telephone booth that my favorite teapots take up residence in.
  • ​I met my hubby on a skydiving trip that my brother organized. Would I go skydiving again? Hell no! But I’m glad I did it in my 20’s.
  • ​I’m the youngest of four siblings and the only girl. So when I was picked up for dates as a teen, the poor boy would get grilled by my four fathers!
  • ​I have a tattoo of ballet shoes on my left hip. I got it when I was 20 and still don’t regret it. It reminds me of my youth when I thought I would grow up to be a professional dancer.
  • ​I’m an unapologetic curly girl. I know straight is in, but all that work to make it straight is not for me. Plus, I’m a nonconformist. I usually wear it curly, wild and crazy (or in a mom ponytail) because I can’t be bothered to do anything with it.
  • ​And while we’re on the subject of what I look like—most of the time, I can be found in yoga or jammy pants—hands down the best part of working from home!
  • ​I was raised in an Italian family where everyone learned how to cook at a young age, but sadly, I’m a pretty sucky baker. I can follow a recipe like a champ, but I hardly ever go off the beaten baking path.
  • ​If you’re driving in Maryland and see a crazy lady singing at the top of her lungs while driving a silver Toyota Sienna, it’s probably me!
  • ​I believe the purpose of life is to learn. I try to learn something new about the world every day and I want our Gut Love Community to be a place for moms to also learn from each other. We have great knowledge and when we share, we lift each other up and become even better at motherhood and healing.

Did I scare you off with my kookiness?

No? Well, let’s get to know each other better. Now that I’ve talked your ear off, it’s time for you to return the favor.

What kind of gut struggles are ailing you and what’s holding you back from starting your healing journey?

I want to know. Let it all hang out. Remember, I’ve been there too so we are definitely soul sisters for life! Seriously, it’s kind of my mission in life. It’s definitely my passion to help moms find the natural healing path that works for them. We’ll work together to make sure that very soon, you’re Lovin’ the Gut You’re With!

Are you feeling motivated and ready to quiet your gut struggles?

Apply for your FREE Gut Love Clarity Session with me. We’ll talk about what’s stopping you from being the mom you know you deserve to be, and develop a plan for how we can work together to transform your life.

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