Using Whole Foods To Crush Your Crohn’s & Colitis

Are you ready to use food to help lessen the chaos surrounding your Crohn’s and colitis symptoms?

Eating foods that just don’t work for your body has the power to harm and keep you in sick mode, but food that works with your gastrointestinal system, has the amazing power to heal.

If you’re at your breaking point because your IBD is keeping you from fully being present with your kids, being productive at work, or even working at all, traveling, going out to eat, or spending time with friends…

Maybe you even have constant anxiety about where you’ll find a toilet when you’re out and will you make it in time.

If you can relate, it’s time to bring gut healing food into the equation.

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • It’s not just about symptoms– how to pick a gut healing diet that works with your mom life
  • Who a whole food diet is best suited for
  • The whole food diet tweak that makes it a much better option for those of us with sensitive bellies

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