{#theirIBDstory} Karyn + Bill: A Couple Perspective on IBD

Your IBD story. My IBD story.

If these walls could talk, what as story they would tell.

I bet your mate has been on quite a journey with your Crohn’s or colitis as well.  We never experience IBD in a vacuum, or in a bubble. They are by our side, living IBD in their own way. What’s it like for them to live with a partner who as Crohn’s or colitis?

Today, on this very special 100th episode of The Cheeky Podcast, Bill and I are pulling back the curtain to let you in on our IBD story.

This is one to listen to with your partner.

Four Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

🌿 Why it’s so hard to be vulnerable and honest with your partner about how IBD impacts your life.

🌿 Using your diagnosis to help your kids be as healthy as they can be (at least until they reach their teen years ; )

🌿 Couples Communication IBD style: The pitfalls we fall into and the communication strengths we gain from having a chronic illness.

🌿  Why stepping into your Crohn’s and colitis power is the must do step for lasting healing to take place.

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