The New Year’s Resolution Every Mom with IBD Needs to Make

Happy New Year my friend.

2022… Are you as glad as I am to turn the page to a new year, a new chapter, hell, a whole new book is a better way to look at it.

I might be naive, I might just be way too “glass is half full” for my own good, but I’m going to throw it out there anyway and declare 2022 as your best year yet. Will it be a perfect year? No, there’ll be ups and downs because we are human and we’re on a learning journey, but better and even best? Heck yes!

Today, in timely January fashion, I’ve got the deets on the new year’s resolution that every mom with Crohn’s and colitis needs to make. Yes, that means you. Stick with me and this episode, because I’m about to reveal what you absolutely need to do to make 2022 your year.

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • The #1 power change you can make that will positively impact your entire health this year (and beyond)
  • My step by step plan that gives you all the tools you need to use food to your IBD advantage
  • How to get 4-weeks of support from me absolutely FREE

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