Is Your Restrictive Gut Healing Diet Constricting You?

There’s eating healthy and then there’s eating “gut” healthy.

Normal healthy eaters have got nothing on us!

When we eat with healing our Crohn’s and colitis in mind, we take health to a whole new level.

Gut healthy diets like eating gluten-free or dairy free, Paleo or Specific Carbohydrate Diet, IBD-AID or GAPS… they all have amazing positive qualities.

They have the power to help us control our diarrhea, abdominal pain, gas, bloating, mouth sores, fatigue, lack of energy, poor sleep, achy joints, headaches and so much more.

But gut healing diets like these aren’t all puppies and rainbows.

These diets can be quite restrictive, with a myriad of foods you absolutely must stay away from in order to be compliant and see results.

You likely hear everyone on these diets talking about the positive effects, but it’s time we have an honest conversation about their downsides too.

Because these gut healing diets are so restrictive, they also have the power to negatively impact our mental and emotional health.

They lead to feelings of:

🌿 Sadness

🌿 Resentfulness

🌿 Guilt

🌿 Depression

🌿 Frustration

🌿 Jealousy

🌿 Anger

🌿 Denial

🌿 Bargaining

And if we are committed to sticking with restrictive diets like these (and I believe we still can be) because they are helping us physically, we have to find a way to make peace with our diet, so we feel less constricted and less FOMO all the time.

That’s exactly what we’re chatting about on this episode of The Cheeky Podcast for Moms with IBD.

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • 3 questions to ask yourself to find out if you’re feeling constricted on your restrictive diet
  • 5 ideas that will help you to embrace your restrictive diet (with less guilt and shame)
  • What to do if you’ve tried your best, but you still feel constricted and want to give up

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