{#herIBDstory} From Ulcerative Colitis to SCD: Jennifer Brown Leads A Life of Happenstance

Three weeks into October…

Are you already hitting a wall finding easy fall recipes that are good for your crohn’s or colitis, and also get the kid stamp of approval too?

If you love a tasty fall recipe that’s also good for your gut and something everyone in your clan will enjoy, you’re going to love this episode.

You’re also going to love this episode if you’re looking for a real life story of how the specific carbohydrate diet can work to help control your IBD symptoms. With me on this episode of The Cheeky Podcast is Jennifer Brown, SCD follower and chief recipe developer at her website A Life of Happenstance.

Jennifer and I talk about so many hot button issues for those of us with Crohn’s and colitis.

We explore how anxiety and stress affects our disease, we get into hormones and pregnancy’s effects on Crohn’s and colitis, we talk about Jennifer’s Specific Carbohydrate Diet journey and how this gutsy lady who never knew how to shop for groceries or make meals became an SCD pro, a seasoned cook, and a recipe developer.

Grab your tea and put your feet up mama. Get ready for a juicy conversation!

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How Jennifer found success on the SCD when she didn’t know how to grocery shop or cook before she got started
  • The ways stress and anxiety has an impact on your Crohn’s or colitis
  • How you can get your hands on Jennifer’s latest fall recipes (I’ll just tease you with 3 little words– apple cider cake)

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