From Valentine’s to Galantine’s to Kid-tine’s Day, With a Dash of Keeping it All Gut Friendly… I’ve Got Your Back

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

It used to be simple right? I remember when my hubby and I were dating and even when we were first married, we lived for Valentine’s Day.

I’d make him some kind of a homespun poem, filling in the blanks with conversation hearts like, I wonder if you’ll “Be Mine” and If you love me, will you please “Kiss Me”.

I thought I was so clever.

He’d give me some kind of sexy lingerie—the kind of lingerie all husbands think their wives are thrilled to get. We’d have a romantic date night even though Netflix and Chill hadn’t been invented yet.

How did we get it on before streaming services were invented? Our kids would never get the concept of actually calling on a rotary phone—the kind with the cord that keeps you stationary—and asking someone out!

But my point is, Valentine’s Day then and Valentine’s Day now is a whole different prospect.

With gut challenges that prevent us from enjoying some of the best Valentine’s Day goodies, plus kids that keep us way too busy to even plan a romantic date night, and now with new-fangled inventions like Galentine’s Day to mucky up everything February 14th related, we’re left feeling a bit dazed and confused about just how to spend this ever-changing holiday.

If you want to lift the fog and get a bit clearer on what your Valentine’s, your Kid-tine’s, your Galentine’s Day and what your gut friendly, gut fun Valentine’s Day options are, this is the episode for you.

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • A Valentine’s/Galentine’s Meal fit for your gut health and your friends and family
  • Mom-tested, kid-approved Valentine’s candy everyone can eat
  • The reason why Valentine’s Day might turn out to be just another day for you (and why that’s OK)

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