Ep 33: 5 {More} Healthy Fats You Need to Heal Your IBD (Part II)

Ditch those preconceived notions you’ve been bombarded with about how all fat is bad for you and come with me on Part II of our journey to discover more of the best, high quality fats that help heal your IBD.

Last week (in Episode 32 and Part I), we uncovered the first 5 healthy fats that will make a big difference for your IBD healing and recovery.

This week, we investigate 5 more healthy fats that play a key role when we’re trying to calm down the bloating, gas, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and other gut challenges that plague us when we’re struggling to get control of our Crohn’s and colitis.

When we add eating healthy fats to our IBD eating plan, we add the ultimate in healing power to boost our immune function, lower our inflammation, and diversify our gut bacteria.

And these are the 3 keys to successfully combating our Crohn’s and colitis.

Episode 33 is a continuation of the juicy goodness from Episode 32, so for the full fat experience ; ) don’t forget to check out that episode too!

We’re talking about:

  • Why you shouldn’t give up on all eggs, even if you think you’re egg sensitive
  • The only type of salmon you can trust
  • The gut healing way to get quality fats from nuts and seeds, even if you’re in an IBD flare

And so much more!

After this episode, you’ll be armed and dangerous with all the information you need to enter the grocery store, ready to shop for high quality foods that will actually move the needle toward IBD remission and IBD freedom!

Episode at a Glance:

  • [09:34] Why you shouldn’t give up on all eggs, even if you think you’re egg sensitive
  • [15:50] The way to use eggs to add the extra gut healing factor to bone broth
  • [17:42] The 3-fold benefit of full fat yogurt
  • [19:40] The healthiest non-dairy, gut healing options for yogurt (definitely not soy)
  • [29:20] The only type of salmon you can trust
  • [32:40] The gut healing way to get quality fats from nuts and seeds, even if you’re in an IBD flare
  • [36:45] The ultimate healthy fat, and gut healing food that boosts your immune system, diversifies your gut bacteria, and lowers your inflammation, all in one beverage
  • [39:58] The best store-bought bone broth companies that are worth their weight in gold
  • [44:45] The most comprehensive (and FREE) healthy oils guide you’ll want to get your hands on today
  • [55:58] The best way to take your IBD healing journey to the next level

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Episode Transcript:


INTRO: You are listening to The Cheeky Podcast for Moms with IBD, a safe space for moms with Crohn’s and colitis, connect, explore powerful tools for healing and transform our lives to thrive in motherhood and in life. I’m your host, Karyn Haley, IBD health coach, integrative wellness enthusiast, and mom to three outstanding kids. After having Crohn’s disease for 30 years and working as a health advocate exclusively with IBD clients for the last 10 years, I know it’s time to bring the types of candid conversations I have with my clients out into the open. It’s our time to go on an IBD healing journey and do it like only a mom can. Let’s do this.


[00:50] Welcome dear one, I am so happy and excited to share this moment with you today.

If you’re listening to this around the time of its release, it was just Mother’s Day last weekend. How was your day mama? I hope you got all the pampering and love you so richly deserve. I hope your IBD didn’t get in the way of enjoying the one day of the year that’s all yours.


Even with all the crap we have to put up with (figuratively and literally), even with kids who talk back, and teenagers who break the rules, and hectic schedules and multitasking that would make a man’s head spin, I’d still take motherhood over every job in the world.

I bet you feel the same way too.

Motherhood is an honor to be cherished. And it is so important to me that you get everything you can get out of motherhood. That you suck the marrow out of motherhood. And at the end of your life, you can say that motherhood was a joy and a privilege and something you were so completely present for.

I’m so passionate about helping you heal your IBD, because I want you to be the mom and the woman you were destined to be. The one you were before Crohn’s or colitis came crashing in to change everything. So even though Mother’s Day has passed, in the United States at least, I want you to know that I know how hard you work each day. And I know you are the unsung hero, not just of your household, but for the world. Dramatic, yes, but no less true in my mind. Those of us with Crohn’s and colitis have to work extra hard at motherhood. We work extra hard because it’s challenging to be a mom with IBD.


Speaking of motherhood, we had a great episode last week, just for you mama. Last week’s episode was part of one in our two-part series, 10 Healthy Fats You Need in Your Diet to Heal Your IBD. Last week, we went over the first five of those fats. I’ll give you a super quick recap, but if you haven’t heard Part I yet, episode 32, do me a favor and go back and take a listen when you have time. These 2 episodes all about the power of high-quality fat can stand alone, but they can be used together to make an even bigger impact for your gut health, and your mom life as well.

We started the episode talking about the importance of fat and how scientists and the medical community have gotten fat wrong for so many years. We talked about how fat can actually set your IBD free. Good fats can help heal inflammation, boost your immune system, and benefit your digestive bacteria to ultimately help heal your disease. So, get on the fat train mama. Don’t be afraid of fat, good fat that is. In episode 32, we talked about five healthy fats that also help heal your digestive system. Today we’re going to finish talking about 5 more healthy fats that should be part of your diet, healthy fats 6 through 10.


So, last week, when I emailed our gut love community, the GLC for those in the know, all about this latest podcast with fat as our star, I asked our GLCer’s to reach out and tell me what you thought. What fat that we talked about last week interested you the most? Which one were you going to try to get more of in your life?

I love your responses so much that I thought I’d read a couple responses for you.

Sherry said, “I love your story about avocados Karyn. I always thought I hated avocados too. This week I tried guacamole for the first time and it was delicious. I bought it at the grocery store, but next time I’m going to try my own. Can you send your guacamole recipe my way?”

I already sent Sherry my fabulous guacamole recipe, but if you would like the recipe too, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can email me at hello@karynhaley.com.

Tayell also reached out and said, “That was a juicy podcast. I can’t wait for part two. I’ve always been a milk chocolate lover but I’m guessing that is not the kind of chocolate you’re talking about. I found Hu chocolate at Thrive Market online and just ordered it. They have so many delicious flavors. I got cashew butter. Can’t wait to try it. I’ll let you know how it tastes.”

Tayell, cashew butter is my favorite too! And now you are combining goods fats with the chocolate and the nut butter. Bam, Tayell is slaying it! Let me know how it goes, Tayell.


I love it ladies, I love that the episode inspired you to eat some fat and not be afraid of it.  Don’t forget, last week I mentioned that I also have a freebie going on right now to help you pick out your healthy oils at the grocery store. No more standing in the oil section wondering what’s good for baking, good for cooking, which ones should you not cook at all, what’s healthy and what’s not. I’ve got you covered with two of my favorite resources, Healthy Fats 101: Not Your Mama’s Oil and Healthy Fats 102: Smoke Point.

If you want to get your hot little hands on these resources, all you have to do is look in the show notes. There’s a link there. Or you can always just type the link into your browser– karynhaley.com/oil

[08:10] Now that you’re up-to-date on everything Part I, let’s go ahead and dive in and finish this two-parter episode with Part II. Let’s talk about 5 more good fats. Remember these are the fats you want more in your life when you’re trying to bring your IBD into remission. We need good fat in our diet. Each of the fats we’re talking about today, and the ones we talked about last week, behave a little bit differently. They all have a different nutrient profiles. We went into depth on these nutrient profiles in the last episode and we’ll be going into that for today’s fats as well so you know exactly what you’re getting everything you use these foods. But just know that the bottom line here is that these fats are healthy for your whole body and they are also an important part of your Crohn’s or colitis healing regime.

Let’s get to it. Let’s talk about gut healing healthy fat #6.


Healthy fat # 6 is one of my favorite foods, eggs. Super versatile, super healthy eggs.

Before we get into talking about all the health properties of eggs, and there are many, I want to speak directly to you mama if you are egg sensitive. Before you go ahead and tune out this part or a fast forward the episode, I want to tell you what I tell all my clients who can’t tolerate chicken eggs. It’s worth giving duck eggs a try before you decide to ditch all eggs.  Eggs from different animals have different properties and sometimes you may be sensitive one bird’s eggs, but not another’s. See if you can find duck eggs first before you give up all eggs. Of course, there’s other types of birds that lay eggs like turkey, quail, and goose, but I prefer to recommend duck eggs because they are very easy to find, even in your regular grocery store.

OK, so let’s talk about eggs, whatever eggs work for you. The key to getting the most gut healing benefit from eggs is all about buying high quality eggs. By the best eggs that you can afford to get all the benefits eggs have to offer. When buying eggs at the grocery store, you want to look for free range eggs because they contain lower amounts of cholesterol, more vitamin A, more omega-3’s, more vitamin D, and more beta carotene.

Pasture raised eggs and organic eggs are even better. When purchasing eggs, it’s great if you can buy from a friend who has a farm or if you have the space for it and no HOA standing in your way, possibly have your own chickens to get your eggs from. Knowing your egg source can really be helpful. Many companies claim their eggs are free range but only let the chickens out for a few minutes a day. This is not a free range chicken. That’s a jailed chicken with a visitor’s pass, at best. You should definitely be mindful of the conditions the chickens that lay your eggs are living in. You want to look for chickens who have full access to the outdoors, access to grub’s and other insects, chickens who are not given hormones or antibiotics, not chickens that are placed indoors and fed grains all day.

Whether you buy your eggs at the grocery store, from a farmer, or you have a few of your own, there is no truth to the color of the egg determining how healthy they are. Different breeds of chickens just create different color eggs. These different colors like blue and brown definitely look cool, but don’t think that they are healthier, because they’re not. Also don’t be swayed by the words natural or fresh on the egg carton. Neither of these made up words have anything to do with the health of the egg.


When you eat your eggs, try not to skip the yolk. It’s got a much broader nutrient profile than the white of the egg. The yolk has loads of vitamins and minerals that are so crucial for your gut health and healing. Vitamins and minerals like B12, phosphorus, riboflavin and selenium. Eggs are a wonderfully healthy good fat that can help you heal, but eggs are also a great source of protein, the other building block of gut healing.

And I love that eggs are not just good for your digestive healing, they also have a multitude of health benefits including keeping your heart and eyes healthy, improving liver and brain function, and giving you healthy, glowing skin. Gotta love a food with all those health benefits, right?

Besides all of the wonderful benefits of eggs, what’s even better about this high quality fat is just how many things you can do with them. Let your imagination run wild when it comes to eggs. Eggs are not just for breakfast with scrambled, poached, fried, hard-boiled, or deviled. Eggs make awesome salad toppers, they make tasty little bites of heaven wrapped in bacon when you bake them in a muffin pan, they are delicious in an avocado boat and if you haven’t seen an avocado boat google it. You’re gonna love it. If you are grain free like me, you can make tortillas with eggs using them as your roll up filled with anything your imagination can think of.

When you’re in the beginning stages of gut healing, I highly recommend you crack open an egg into steaming hot meat stock or bone broth. The hot soup will cook the egg just enough and the nutrients will still be well intact for you to benefit from. Or how about a soft boiled egg as a topper for a beef or turkey burger. I bet you’ve seen these at a restaurant before. When you cut into the burger, the yolk of the egg spills out. It’s so healthy for healing your gut. And I’m giving you bonus points if you top the egg burger with sliced avocados. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!


With every amazing way you can serve an egg, there’s probably nothing more wonderful than a Sicilian egg. In my Italian family, hard boiled eggs are always a part of the spaghetti sauce. The egg goes in with the meatballs, sausage, and spareribs and simmer within the homemade tomato sauce. And this all gets served over your spaghetti noodles for a delicious, mouthwatering Sicilian meal. Trust me, everyone I’ve ever served it to thought it was weird at first but is instantly converted the moment they try it. It’s like, what have I been missing this entire time. Hard-boiled eggs in my sauce? Of course, it makes sense! And these days, my spaghetti noodles are spaghetti squash or zoodle’s instead of pasta noodles, but the sauce still remains the same and it always includes hard-boiled eggs.


[17:42] Healthy fat #7 is full fat yogurt.

The gut healing benefits of full fat yogurt are 3-fold. First, it’s fat content, second the protein each serving contains, and lastly, the rich, gut healing probiotics in each bite. We all know how important probiotics are for the health of our gut and the bacterial balance of our microbiome. When we have Crohn’s and colitis, we can have a digestive system riddled with dysbiosis. The probiotics in the full fat yogurt are a great way to help balance that gut flora so you feel better, have less stomach gurgle and stomach aches, and less problems in the bathroom.

And when your yogurt comes from grass fed cows, you get your biggest nutritional benefit. When grass fed cows make grass fed milk, and that grass fed milk makes grass fed yogurt, it’s  full of omega-3’s, whey protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin D, K2, and of course gut healthy enzymes and probiotics. Wow, can you imagine just how gut healing those nutrients can be for your IBD, all in just one amazing serving of full fat yogurt.

Just like eggs can come from different birds, yogurt doesn’t always have to come from a cow. If you are sensitive to cow’s milk due to either the lactose which is the milk sugar in dairy products (and a common sensitivity for those of use with IBD) or casein the protein found in dairy products, know that other options are available for you and you can still get many of the benefits of yogurt. Goat or sheep’s milk yogurt are two options, coconut milk is another great option for yogurt, and almond milk yogurt is also a possibility, as long as it contains the beneficial bacteria needed to help our gut.

Like so many of these quality fats I’ve been mentioning in this 2-part episode, there’s amazing health benefits that move beyond the gut. Studies have shown that yogurt can decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes, it can be a protective factor against colon cancer, it can increase bone density and support a healthy weight when we choose full fat. Yogurt can help boost the immune system, reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol, can even help regulate our mood due to the gut brain connection.

Yep, I know you are feeling it too. Yogurt is a powerhouse.

When it comes to yogurt, the keywords to look for are organic and grass fed. These two options will give you your best gut healing benefit. Whenever I’m recommending yogurt to a client, I always give a good, better, best scenario for which yogurt to choose.


#1- When it comes to yogurt, your #1 best option is to make your own at home. And if you’ve never done this before, it might seem overwhelming, but trust me it is so stinking simple. It’s also like riding a bike. Once you know the simple few steps, you never forget how to make homemade yogurt. Making your own SCD or GAPS legal yogurt was the star of episode 12: Your Top 10 SCD Yogurt Questions Answered. If you are new to making your own yogurt at home, I highly recommend you check out Episode 12 to give you all the information you need to get started.

The reason I’m so partial to making your own yogurt at home is two-fold. #1- when you make it at home, you control the ingredients. And #2- because of the fermentation. Homemade yogurt can be fermented for 24 hours at home to reduce virtually all of the lactose in the milk. No more gurgle belly, bloating, and diarrhea after you eat yogurt. This can be very helpful for those of us with IBD who have trouble digesting the lactose in dairy.

#2- Let’s say that homemade yogurt isn’t an option for you, for now. Maybe you just want to dip a toe in. Maybe you just want to check out this full fat yogurt gut healing tool. If that’s the case, go with option #2- non-dairy commercial yogurt bought at the grocery store. These are options completely lactose and casein free like almond milk yogurt and coconut milk yogurt. Skip soy yogurt though as many people with Crohn’s and colitis find soy to be challenging to digest. Unless it’s organic, it’s often genetically modified in the United States so that’s another reason to skip the soy yogurt.

When buying commercial non-dairy yogurt, be sure to take a close look at the ingredients and make sure it contains active probiotic cultures and that it has no or very limited additional ingredients. Some yogurts are so high in added ingredients, including sugar, that you’d be better off having a can of soda. Those high sugar yogurts with additives and preservatives are definitely not a good choice.

#3- Lastly, my least favorite option when it comes to buying yogurt for someone who’s on a mission to put their IBD in remission, is dairy made, commercial yogurt. The regular yogurt you buy at the grocery store. Although this type of yogurt probably contains probiotic benefits, it’s not fermented for 24 hours like your homemade yogurt.

Like I mentioned earlier, many people with IBD have challenges with lactose. Commercial brand yogurts are usually fermented for eight hours which is not enough fermentation time to get rid of the lactose. This is where the 24-hour yogurt will benefit you more. If this is your only option, it still may be of benefit to you. Just make sure you choose plain yogurt, and add your own berries or honey (in small amounts) when you get home. Again, this can be a place where manufactures love to add sugar. Eating all that sugar with your yogurt will defeat the purpose of those gut healing and balancing bacteria that are the most important part of the yogurt.

[27:09] OK, just to recap yogurt, your best option is making your own homemade yogurt at home. I can help you get started with that at Episode 12. I’ll leave a link for it in the show notes. Second option if homemade isn’t possible, is to choose non-dairy yogurt at the grocery store. And last but not least when it comes to yogurt, the last option is buying commercial yogurt made from dairy. Whenever you buy yogurt at the grocery store, look for plain yogurt and add your yogurt toppers when you get home.


Healthy fat #8 is Fatty Fish.

When it comes to gut healing fish, we are looking for the oily fish. Sounds appetizing, right? Salmon, mackerel, sardines. These particular fish varieties have a multitude of gut healing benefits by helping you fight inflammation with their high levels of omega 3’s.

Let’s talk salmon first. Salmon is full of protein, selenium, niacin, B12, and vitamin D. The fat content and salmon boosts brain function and the anti-inflammatory properties help heal your gut. With salmon, of course, we want to purchase wild-caught. But be careful with the labeling of salmon. Some salmon is labeled wild caught even though it was raised in a hatchery and then relocated to the wild. Some salmon may even be genetically modified and unfortunately the FDA does not require that it states GMO on the label. In the research I did on how to find quality salmon, I found that your best chance of getting high quality salmon is by looking for Alaskan wild salmon. This type of salmon seems to be the least contaminated so look for that on the label when you are purchasing.

Because mackerel and sardines are also oily fish, they boast many of the same nutrient dense properties as salmon. Omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, and of course these nutrients make these fatty fish options anti-inflammatory too.

Just a gentle reminder, we do need to be careful with fish as it can contain mercury. Most sources I found recommend eating fish no more than 1 to 2 times per week, and that maybe less if you are pregnant. Definitely check with your doctor and get more individual recommendations on that if you are pregnant or planning for a pregnancy.

Just like with eggs, let your imagination run wild when you’re thinking about what to do with your salmon, mackerel or sardines. All three of these fish can be grilled, roasted, or baked with your favorite seasonings. So what do you think? How about making it a fish night tonight!

Between last week and today, we have made it through 8 healthy fats every IBDer needs to heal. Let’s round out our healthy fat conversation with the last two of our gut healing healthy fats.

[30:29] Healthy Fat #9 is actually two similar high quality fats—nuts and seeds.

I know you’re not happy about this one, I can see you yelling at me now through your phone right now. What are you talking about Karyn? I can’t have nuts, I can’t have seeds. I can’t digest those. I get you, I get it. Stick with me though I’m going to share with you how you can have these Super amazing gut healing fats, even if you aren’t in remission just yet.

First of all, let’s start with nuts and seeds in their whole, raw, natural state. These are definitely your healthiest option and best if you are in remission. We don’t want any of these harder to digest foods getting stuck in your digestive tract before enough healing has taken place. But, that doesn’t mean nuts and seeds are completely off the table for you. Nuts make wonderful nut butters and if you have a high-speed blender, seeds can easily be blended into a smoothie so you don’t even know they’re there anymore. Their just part of the rich and creamy smoothie.

Nuts and seeds, whole or ground up, are jam packed with vitamins and minerals, as well as anti-inflammatory omega-3’s. Remember though with nuts, a little really goes a long away. It doesn’t take very many nuts to get the amount of fat you’re looking for to reap the gut healing benefits your looking for.

With so many nuts on the market, you might be wondering where you should be putting the effort. There really are so many and most of them do have high quality health benefits, but I do have a few favorites for those with Crohn’s and colitis.


Almonds are fantastic because they’re high in fiber, protein, and vitamin E. Cashews are full of antioxidants, and if you’re concerned about fat because either you’re watching your weight or you struggle to digest fat due to your illness, cashews are the perfect option for you. They are lower in fat than other nuts, but still give you amazing gut healing benefits.

What other nuts are worth trying out? Well, walnuts rock for sure. They are super anti-inflammatory because they’re full of omega-3’s and they’re also high in protein and minerals like magnesium, copper, and manganese. I’m also a huge fan of Brazil nuts. They have serious amounts of selenium which helps fight against cell damage. That’s a huge help for those of us with IBD.

If you’re at a place where your Crohn’s and colitis is healed enough or you are in remission, my favorite way to eat nuts is in a trail mix or chopped as a salad topper or as a topper on a lettuce wrap. I’m also a huge fan of pecans in roasted brussels sprouts, but nuts can also be a topper for any cooked veggie. Maybe a green beans almondine.

If you’re in gut healing mode, and I’m betting you are because that’s why you’re listening to this podcast, save the whole or chopped nuts for a little waze down the road. Use your nuts as a nut butter. Almond, cashew, and walnut butter are your best options. Seeds like pumpkin, flax, chia, sunflower, and hemp are perfect for blending into a smoothie. They will give you that added health factor, but if you use a high-speed blender like a Ninja, Blendtec, or a Vitamix, you will not have any trouble digesting them. Seeds like these are high in magnesium, iron, calcium, and phosphorus, but because of their omega-3’s, they are also high in anti-inflammatory properties.


[36:45] Healthy fat #10

I saved the ultimate gut healing fat for number 10. Thinking about all the ones we talked about so far, can you guess which one I saved for #10? It’s a gut healer I talk about all the time on the podcast. The ultimate good fat is bone broth. An absolutely critical must do when you’re in gut healing mode. Talk about a powerhouse of health. Bone broth increases your immune function with amino acids like L glutamine and it also decreases your inflammation with its gelatin and collagen properties that help to heal leaky gut. I think the best thing about bone broth or meat stock (like I like to make) is the way that it is able to help diversify the bacteria in our digestive tract. This is the ultimate key to healing our gut troubles.

When it comes to bone broth, I’d love for you to make your own. It’s really so simple and only requires a few ingredients. If you want more information on the bone broth, I definitely talked about it on several episodes, but I think the one that probably has the most information is episode 15: the popular 7 Healing Gems Every IBD Mom Needs to Know About. This one, still continues to get downloaded multiple times a day because it’s power packed with good into. And one of those healing gems, of course, is bone broth. If you’re ready for bone broth, it’s super high-quality fat that helps with gut healing, go check out that episode and get started today. I’ll link it up in the show notes so it’s easy for you to find.

Because I know that making your own bone broth isn’t in the cards for everyone, I’d like to just give you a few options to buy. I’m hoping that these will get you started and get you excited about bone broth, enough that you will look into making your own. It’s so simple. And if you don’t have a recipe of your own, get in touch with me. I’ll send you out a bone broth (or as I do it, meat stock) recipe right away.

OK, so if you want to just dip your toe in and start by buying bone broth, which company can you trust? There are so many on the market today and trust me when I tell you, most are not good. When it comes to buying store-bought bone broth, my favorite companies are Kettle and Fire, Bare Bones, and Bonafide Provisions. You can probably find all three of these at your regular grocery store, but you can also find them at health food stores everywhere, and of course, online.

So, how are you going to use your bone broth or your meat stock, you’re going to drink the broth straight. And drink it like it’s a party and you’re partying like it’s 1999 and it’s the last drink on the planet. Drink it every day while you’re in gut healing mode and very soon you will start to see that it will benefit your gut.

So there you have it, between the 10 healthy fats episodes Part I and Part II, you now know the 10 healthy fats that should be part of your diet if you want to heal your Crohn’s or colitis. These healthy fats will help reduce inflammation throughout your body, they will help boost your immune system so that your immune system is not attacking itself, and most importantly they will help to balance your bacterial load throughout your digestive tract.

Good quality, healthy fats.

Our heart needs them, our liver needs them, our brain needs them, and especially our gut needs them. So, no more being afraid of fat mama. Bad fat, absolutely. Stay away from nachos and French fries and processed foods and potato chips. Good fat? No way. Eat it like your health depends on it, because it actually does.


[42:10] Let’s recap on those 10 healthy fats you need, the 5 we talked about last week in Part I and the 5 healthy fats from today, Part II. These the 10 best fats to help heal your IBD. Of course, I’m sure it goes without saying, eating quality fats isn’t the only thing you need to heal because there’s definitely a well proven combination of approaches that help to heal your IBD, but when it comes to eating for IBD, the big take away here is that fat is a crucial component.

Here’s the 10 good fats we talked about:

#1 Coconut oil

#2 Butter and ghee

#3Avocados and avocado oil

#4 Extra virgin olive oil

#5Dark chocolate

#6 Eggs

#7 Full fat yogurt

#8 Fatty fish

#9 Nuts and seeds

#10 Bone broth or meat stock

Get that shopping list ready mama, it’s time to buy some healthy fat. What are you already doing when it comes to good fats? What did this episode and the last episode help you with when it comes to quality fats and inflammatory bowel disease? As always, I want to hear from you. Let me know how old this information landed for you. Let me know what you are going to try when it comes to high quality gut healing healthy fats.

[44:45] Also, a quick remember that if you’re feeling confused about which healthy fats to stock in your pantry, which ones are best for cooking, which ones shouldn’t be heated, and if you can heat it, what temperature is it best on… then you definitely want your two healthy oils guides, Healthy Oils 101: Not Your Mama’s Oils and Healthy Oils 201: Smoke Point, you can get both of these free resources by clicking the link in the show notes or by going directly to karynhaley.com/oil

Healthy, gut healing fats, out.

Until we meet again mom friend, I’m wishing you a cheeky and healthy IBD healing journey.

Chat soon!

Thank you so much for joining me today and for listening to today’s episode. When it comes to IBD, I know there’s a lot of resources out there, and I’m truly honored that you chose the Cheeky Podcast to get your IBD information today. If you found this information helpful, please give us a rating and review. It helps other moms find the podcast and see what we’re doing over here to help IBD moms everywhere. And if you feel called feel a call to do it, share this podcast with an IBD mom who you know could really use an uplifting message today, ’cause that’s what we’re all about over here at the Cheeky Podcast.

One last thing, if you’re still with me, and if you are, you’re definitely my kind of gal. We have to get to know each other better. If you’re tired of living on the hamster wheel of IBD with all the ups and downs between flares and remission, if you’re struggling to get control of your abdominal pain, gas, bloating, diarrhea and other troubling IBD symptoms, go to my website. It’s karynhaley.com, and my mom had to be just a little bit different, she spelled my name with the Y. So it’s K-A-R-Y-N H-A-L-E-Y.com and schedule your very own free 30-minute IBD root cause trouble-shooting session with me where we discuss the challenges you’ve been having, we set goals to help you move forward, and we talk about how we can work together to help you get your life back. It’s a power packed 30 minutes. You don’t have to live in IBD status quo. There’s so much that can be done to transform your life so you can thrive in motherhood and thrive with IBD. I’ve seen my clients walk this path and it gives me so much joy to take that journey with them.

My entire coaching practice is run online, so you never have to leave your house and you never have to get out of your jammy or yoga pants for us to work together. You know I’m wearing them to. If you’re ready to take your first amazing step towards healing, I’m ready to chat with you. Schedule your free 30-minute IBD root cause trouble shooting sesh today at karynhaley.com. Click on the work with me tab and I’ll see you soon. It’s important to note that the information in this podcast and in this episode is for general information purposes only and not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. The statements made in the Cheeky Podcast for moms with IBD, either by me or my guests, is not intended to diagnose, treat, to cure, or prevent any disease. Before implementing any new treatment protocols, do yourself a favor and consult your physician first.

Thank you so much for listening, for being here, for saving this space for us to spend some time together. Until we chat again, I’m wishing you a cheeky and healthy IBD journey.

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