Eating Beyond Your 4 Walls Part IV: Gut Happy, Healthy Travel with Crohn’s and Colitis

Whether you’re traveling by plane or car, train or you’re taking a cruise, you deserve to enjoy your vacation just as much as everyone else in your family. It’s tough though because everything we do on a vacation tends to revolve around eating out. And that can spell disaster for us Crohn’s and colitis gals.

Unfamiliar food, food sensitivities, and stress about all of it can lead to a vacation that’s awfully familiar to your life when a flare up hits—lots of time in the bathroom, in bed, and time away from family and relaxation when that’s exactly what you planned the trip for in the first place.

If you want to enjoy travel again and stay healthy the whole way through, I’ve got your back girl. In Part IV of my four-part series: Eating Beyond Your 4 Walls, we’re taking a deep dive into what it means to have a happy gut and successful travel experience anywhere you want to go.

Let’s do this!

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • The ultimate road trip step-by-step strategy that works for moms who plan and moms who procrastinate
  • The “must have” piece of carry on luggage that makes plane travel and gut health possible
  • Foolproof ideas to remain gut healthy, even when there’s no kitchen where you’re staying

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