Eating Beyond Your 4 Walls Part 1: The Secret to Gut Healthy & Gut Happy Eating Out

Most of us love to eat out.  It isn’t just about the food either. 

It’s about the stress free eating you get to enjoy because you didn’t have to work hard making it.  It’s about the companionship of good friends and family while you are out together. 

And it’s about relaxing after a long day of work, kids activities, and commitments.

Dining out is an important part of our everyday life and you shouldn’t have to miss out just because you are eating on a gut healing diet like gluten free, dairy free, Paleo, SCD or GAPS. Not long ago, eating out successfully on diets like this was a nearly impossible. 

Today, it is definitely possible. 

With a couple tweaks and some extra sneaky tips, you’ll be a gut healing dining out expert in no time.

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • The #1 ingredient to add flavor and zing to your dining out meal, actually fits in your purse
  • The best phone apps that will take your eating out success rate from zero to awesome!
  • The supplement that will give you peace of mind when you eat out

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