4 Stellar Coffee Substitutes That Make Your Gut and your Tastebuds Happy

Are you trying to cut out coffee, but you just can’t find a coffee alternative that ignites your senses and your tastebuds like coffee does… one that even has the power to improve your gut health at the same time?

Oh yeah, it’s possible.

Today, we’re taste testing 4 coffee alternatives to help you decide which one is worth ditching your daily coffee crutch.

Prepare to have your mind blown with some strange (but healthy) compounds that actually taste like the real thing. Coffee connoisseurs welcome—but tea connoisseurs are going to love this episode too!

We’re talking about:

  • Why caffeine is a problem in the first place (get your science geek hat on)
  • Why decaf coffee is not the answer
  • The negative digestive challenges coffee creates (especially if you’ve got IBD)
  • The coffee-alternative taste test that will finally give you the desire to ditch your coffee for good

And so much more!

After this episode, you’ll be rushing out to the grocery store to purchase your first coffee alternative—or at least booting up your computer to buy it online ; )

  • [07:20] The negative impact caffeine has on you neurologically and physiologically
  • [09:44] What is methylxanthine and why it gets confused with caffeine
  • [16:53] Why decaf coffee is not the answer
  • [21:48] The psychological and lifestyle component that keeps you coming back to coffee
  • [23:58] The coffee-alternative taste test begins
  • [32:51] The reason why some IBDer’s will need to stay away from teeccino
  • [35:45] The simple at home method for making hot roasted cacao
  • [44:19] Hands down, the healthiest coffee alternative in the taste test
  • [49:00] The weed in your backyard that makes a great tasting coffee substitute
  • [56:25] The best way to take your IBD healing journey to the next level.

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