{#herIBDstory} Karyn Hobson: Ulcerative Colitis is Her Thing

This episode is one of my favorite interviews to date.

My guest today is Karyn Hobson and as I’m sure you’ll see in this conversation, she and I could go on talking forever. We have so much in common, so many strange coincidences in our life that start with the fact that our mothers not only named us the same name, but then spelled our names with the same weird “Y” in the middle.

And as you’ll see, that’s just the tip of the iceberg with all the connections we have in common. I think you are going to feel like a fly on the wall listening to this really powerful IBD-centered conversation.

Four Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

🌿 The power of finding your tribe to help you get through the negativity and the naysayers who don’t get your life on an IBD healing diet.

🌿 How to balance being a “good patient” with your own patient advocacy needs so YOU come out on top.

🌿  Doing a colonoscopy your way and learning from past colonoscopies.

🌿  The wrong thing to do when symptoms creep up vs the methodical, practical, no-drama way that’s much more productive.

🌿  And so, so, so, much more! If it’s C + C related, we get into it.

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