The Crohn’s/Colitis Vitamin D Connection: The What, Why and How of This Gut Healthy Vitamin

Why should Vitamin D matter to you, dear mom friend?

Sure, Vitamin D is the “it” vitamin these days.  Many practitioners are talking about the link between vitamin D and pretty much everything from colds to cancer.

But besides the general health benefits of Vitamin D, why do we—moms with Crohn’s and colitis—need to sit up and take close notice of this powerful vitamin?

Well, it turns out that “everything from colds to cancer” includes a HUGE effect on our Crohn’s and colitis.

If you’ve been around our free and fabulous Gut Love Community for a while, you know I love to bury my nose in research to sift through the goodness and the crap (and there are a lot of crappy studies out there paid for by big pharma and special interest groups) to come out the other side with solid, real, unbiased facts.

Because of this love affair our medical community is having with Vitamin D, I decided it was time to dig into the research to find out for myself if there’s a connection between our illness and our D levels.

And if I’m being really honest here, I was looking for myself too.  I don’t know how familiar you are with the numbers when it comes to Vitamin D levels (we’ll dive deep into what your levels should be in the video below), but mine’s been as low as 7!

Let me tell ya—that’s bargain basement low.

So, I wanted to know, what’s the connection here.

Is my Vitamin D low because of my Crohn’s? 

Did my Crohn’s cause my Vitamin D to plummet?

Is this true for all of us with Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

And most importantly, what can I do about it?

Well, I’m happy to share with you that I got to the bottom of it (I know, I’m always going to the butt jokes, but we’ve got to laugh—it helps us heal).

I got the answers I was looking for and the good news is that I know this information is going to have a big impact on you too!

I put everything I learned in a new video and you aren’t going to believe what I found.

In a gutshell, this video will show you:

What is Vitamin D?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       *I know you’ve heard of it, but before we go any further, we gotta know exactly what it is and what it does in our body 

Why should I care about Vitamin D?                                                                                                                                                                                           *and just by reading this intro, you already know part of the picture

How can I get more Vitamin D in my life? 

Should I take Vitamin D supplements? 

Roll the clip….

*Quick side note: I love sharing educational information when it comes to Crohn's and colitis. I've been in the IBD trenches for over 30 years and it's definitely my passion and mission to share with you what I've learned along the way. However, please note that I am in no way shape or form giving medical advice.  Just mom to mom advice for you to share with your doctor. Always follow your doctor’s advice first. Also, I am in no way affiliated with any of the products mentioned in my blog post or videos.  I get no kickbacks or commissions if you click on the links or purchase the products.  Again, it’s just some good old-fashioned mom to mom sharing.

So, how’d it go?

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