5 Eating Plans Worth Trying to Help Quiet Your Crohn’s and Colitis






Who has the magic pill?

The one that cures Crohn’s and colitis.

If you’re out there with it, please, pretty please, send it my way.  There really isn’t much I wouldn’t do for a cure. How about you?

I’ll never forget being 18-years-old in my gastro’s office when he said, I’ll bet we find a cure in your lifetime.

I still have hope.

I really do.  I’m not giving up on a cure– ever.  But in the meantime, I have to live now and I want the life I live to be the best it can be.  I want to be the mom I always dreamed I’d be.

So, while we still don’t have a cure just yet, we are not hopeless. We are not doomed. We don’t have to get in bed and never come out, except to use the bathroom.

Think I’m kidding?

I actually know plenty of moms with IBD who have done that very thing.  Maybe you’ve done it too at one time or another.

Sure, I’ve had my dark days.  Days where I bitch and complain about my chronic illness.

It sucks. Chronic illness sucks.  I know it, you know it.  Preachin’ to the choir, right?

But I never let myself stay there for long.  Because today, we now have a plethera of information.  More information than ever before about all we can do to help ourselves.  We are no longer at the mercy of our providers.  We can get educated and come to the table with ideas.  Ideas that might just be the big breakthrough we need.

Take food for example.

Food was the big breakthrough I needed.

It was the missing piece in my puzzle.  Doctor after doctor telling me that food had nothing to do with my illness just didn’t make sense.  Crohn’s and colitis are gastrointestinal diseases.

Gastro… gut… food… how could food not play a role?

I finally figured out on my own that food not only matters—FOOD IS HUGE!

Finding out what foods can work with your own body type to help quiet your gut symptoms is the amazing grace in this crazy world with IBD.

It’s the closest thing we’ve got until that magic pill thing comes through.

But even if we believe this to be true.  Even if we know we want to figure out what foods work best for our body,  what foods can help to quiet the ever present battle going on in our gut, we still struggle to use food as medicine.

We’re overwhelmed because:

  • There’s no one size fits all diet
  • There’s so much hype surrounding all these gut healing eating plans
  • We don’t know how to get started
  • We don’t want to waste our time if it won’t work

And let’s be honest here—we’re afraid to go against what our doctors tell us.

I get it.

And let me be loud and clear here—I want you to stick with your doctor’s advice.  I want you to stick with the plan you already have in place.  I’m not a medical provider, and I definitely value the practitioners in my life.

But at the same time…

  • I also want YOU to have the power
  • I want YOU to have the knowledge
  • I want YOU take control of your own illness

I want you to be able to walk into your doctor’s office and have a real conversation, where you are informed and armed with opinions.  No more fear.  No more overwhelm about not knowing what your options are when it comes to healing with food.

Today, let’s cut through the paralyzing fear of not knowing where to start.

I’ve got you covered with the  5 Best Gut Healing Diets you’ll want to consider to help your gut, your microbiome and your whole body heal.

Here’s the lineup:

  • Gluten free
  • Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD)
  • Paleo
  • Autoimmune Paleo
  • Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS)

I’m breaking each of these diets down to the nitty gritty.  For each eating plan, I’ll show you:

  • What the eating plan is all about
  • What foods you’ll be eating
  • What foods you’ll be avoiding
  • Who it’s best for

All you have to do is grab your FREE cheat sheet: 5 Eating Plans Worth Trying to Quiet your Crohn’s and Colitis below and follow along with the video (also below) as I go through each eating plan step by juicy step.

*side note—the quality of this video is not stellar.  But rather than keep the info from you because I’m worried about my non-tech skills, I’m sharing, dang it.  Because I know you could care less my tech woes.  We’re all here to heal, right?

Gotta love imperfect action! So,

  • Step #1: get your FREE cheat sheet
  • Step # 2: watch the video below

It’s a plus to have the cheat sheet as you follow along during the video.  Plus, there’s tons more details in the cheat sheet so it’s definitely helpful to have it as a resource you can return to over and over.

I’ll see you right back here after the video.

So, how’d it go?

Do you have an idea about what these eating plans are all about now?  Are you ready to act?  I’m right here with you mom friend.

If you still have questions, know that I’m here.  Get in touch on Facebook or Instagram.  You can also talk with me privately by email at hello@karynhaley.com

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