Meet the Gut Love Community

So, what is GUT LOVE about anyway?

Is it about embracing peace, bell bottoms and lava lamps? No, no and hell no! (Although, I might turn up the volume when a really good 70’s song comes on.)

So, what is Gut Love?

Gut Love our safe space for you mama. It's a place for all IBD moms to join together in community and in support of each other. The GLC is the place for you if you're a mom with Crohn’s or colitis. It's that simple-- moms supporting moms as we learn to thrive in motherhood and in life! 

And it's completely FREE to join.

I’ve got a question for you.

Are you finding it hard to be the mom you dreamed you’d be because you’re too busy dealing with digestive troubles?

The Gut Love Community comes to the rescue.

The Gut Love Community is about supporting and empowering moms on their IBD journey, healing in whatever way we can, using food, lifestyle, mindset, even medication when we need it. We take an integrative approach to healing and we support each other wherever we're at on our journey.

Being a part of our Gut Love Community for Moms has its benefits. You can expect:

  • Kid-tested Gut Lovin’ recipes with tasty, whole food ingredients. We are moms with gut junk, but we’ve got kids to feed, right? And bonus… all recipes are gluten free and refined sugar free, and most are grain free and dairy free too.
  • Weekly blogs with the latest and greatest information to help you find your path to Gut Love.
  • Information on the best Gut Junk research. I’m a research girl and I love breaking down the latest gut junk studies to tell you if you can trust what the results say.
  • Momspiration from all the moms in our community. It’s all about moms here and we need mom support to keep us on the Gut Love Train.
  • Bonuses and specials sent only to moms in our Gut Love Community.

Sound like the gut healing plan for you?

Well, jump on the Gut Love Train!

Join our Gut Love Community for Moms by clicking right HERE

See you on the inside!